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  • Telecom retailers ready for lock down solutions

    Telecom retailers ready for lock down solutions

    In the last quarter of 2017 Gripzo visited countries like Australia, South Africa and the USA. In all countries on the various continents Telecom chains told us the same, with the arrival of iPhone 8 and iPhone X theft from stores has become more frequent and more aggressive. As a result of this, shrinkage damages are sharply on the rise for electronics retailers.

  • Theft prevention of iPhone X

    Theft prevention of iPhone X

    Theft prevention of iPhone X; 'Staff told us they've been using Gripzo since iPhone 6 and no theft occurred ever since!'

  • Samsung galaxy S8 unboxed!

    Samsung galaxy S8 unboxed!

    The new Samsung S8 & S8+ smartphone looks great and is definitively a 'want to have' for many Android lovers, so retailers better gear up against shoplifters.


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  • Theft prevention instore critical

    Theft prevention instore critical

    Theft prevention instore has never been more critical for retail. Here are three critical points to consider around instore theft protection.

  • 12 best new smartphones 2017

    12 best new smartphones 2017

    Below an overview of what's to come and what's available right now in 2017. We've rounded up the best new Android phones, new iPhones and new Windows phones, including the best new Huawei P10, Samsung phones, best new Sony phones, best new HTC phones, best new LG phones, and others.

  • Gripzo at the hairdresser

    Gripzo at the hairdresser

    Gripzo tablet security brackets offer yet another solution; a safe and easy way to entertain customers in a semi-public space. Gripzo tablet security mounts can even be pretty and mobile. Take a look!


Total lockdown & quick release

Total lockdown & quick release

Click here and watch gripzo's unique proposition. Devices can be removed within seconds by device owners.

One size fits all

One size fits all

Through adjustable grips on the security brackets devices of any dimensions will fit. We have special XL grip sets for tablets larger than 10.1” and phones larger than 6”

Forged steel security

Forged steel security

The tablet is locked within durable steel grips providing theft protection. You can release the device with a unique set of keys, no electronics, sensors or cables needed!

Great ROI

Great ROI

Gripzo Gorilla grips support all devices! Adjustable grips allow different tablet sizes at all times.



Thanks to the open design (unlike most enclosures) connectivity like 3G/4G, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access with the tablet is not compromised.

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