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V3 anti theft bracket MTN 1V3 Anti theft phone/tablet clamp 

Gripzo introduces a new high risk security mount for phones and tablets on display in stores.


Full mechanical operation, no electronics used. Quick lock and release is done with a security key. This option is ideal for safe storage of live devices after business hours. Different side claws available for phones, tablets. Side claws are adjustable and come with protective inlay to prevent damage on the secured device. V3 offers a 360 degree rotation and fixed presentation angle. Cable lead for OEM charging cables through the footplate opening. Standard colour white with brushed steel side claws.



Different side claws

Clawset V3 Type 1 standard 2 claw I for 3.5" - 6.7" phones => width 61 to 84 mm

Clawset V3 Type 2 standard 4 claw I for 4.7" - 6.7" phones => width 61 to 84 mm

Clawset V3 Type 3 standard mini 4 claw I for 3.5" - 6.7" phones => width 58 to 84 mm

Clawset V3 Type 10 I for 7" - 10.1" tablets => width 134 to 162 mm

Clawset V3 Type 20 I for 10.2" - 11" tablets => width 165 to 176 mm

Clawset V3 Type 30 I for 11" - 12,4" tablets => width 178 to 200 mm

Clawset V3 Type 40 I for 12,4" - 14,6" tablets => width 202 to 220 mm


Ordering high security brackets

Ordering and more information on V3 security holder anti-theft protection? Please contact Gripzo via the contact button on the website or mail to info@gripzo.com or call +31 655 838 101. Ordering anti theft security grips is possible by clicking on the ‘Contact us’ button below.

Contact us

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Total lockdown & quick release

Total lockdown with quick release

Click here and watch gripzo's unique proposition. Devices can be removed within seconds by device owners.

One size fits all

One size fits all

Through adjustable grips on the security brackets devices of any dimensions will fit. Special XL grip sets for tablets larger than 10.2” and phones larger than 6”

Forged steel security

Forged steel security

The tablet is locked within durable steel grips providing robust theft protection. Release of a device is done with a security key, no electronics, sensors or cables needed!

Great ROI

Great ROI

Gripzo Gorilla grips support all devices! Adjustable grips allow different tablet sizes at all times.



Thanks to the open design (unlike most enclosures) connectivity like 4G/5G, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access with the tablet is not compromised.

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