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Samsung Kiosk

Gripzo security brackets and grips are a great anti-theft solution for use in Samsung Kiosks in various retailers and department stores. The safe Gripzo security clamps easily and quickly lock down the devices in the Samsung Kiosk, while also allowing for a quick release; within 3 seconds the Samsung devices are in the hands of the customers, ready to try them out as they consider purchasing them.

Particularly for retailers, anti-theft protection is of great value. Thieves are becoming more resourceful and more interested in tablets and smartphones, making any Samsung Kiosk a target. Cut and run techniques are becoming a larger problem, one that the Gripzo Grips on the Samsung Kiosk make impossibility. In some cases the theft rate even has dropped as low as zero percent!

Great importance, great quality

For many retailers, including the Samsung Kiosk ones, reusability is of great importance, as new phone or tablet models come and go, kiosks have to adaptable to keep up. For this purpose, and thus for the Samsung Kiosk, the Gripzo security clamps are ideal. They fit all sizes of phones and tablets, allow for cable management, and do not interfere with connectivity signals.

Releasing the devices quickly and easily is important to a salesperson, so that the customer can fully experience the device under supervision, giving them a valuable sales moment.

Safety and security thanks to Gripzo!

When unsupervised, the devices in the Samsung Kiosk are safe and secure. The Gripzo safety clamps dramatically reduce theft and entirely prevent cut and run shoplifting techniques. The grips are made of durable steel and the models come in black or white.

The angle and swivel capabilities of the stand are easily adjusted with large ranges being possible, but can also easily be set to a certain angle simply by using an Allen key. It is therefore, a great business decision for any Samsung Kiosk, by both preventing theft and also influencing sales in a positive way.

Total lockdown & quick release

Total lockdown with quick release

Click here and watch gripzo's unique proposition. Devices can be removed within seconds by device owners.

One size fits all

One size fits all

Through adjustable grips on the security brackets devices of any dimensions will fit. Special XL grip sets for tablets larger than 10.2” and phones larger than 6”

Forged steel security

Forged steel security

The tablet is locked within durable steel grips providing robust theft protection. Release of a device is done with a security key, no electronics, sensors or cables needed!

Great ROI

Great ROI

Gripzo Gorilla grips support all devices! Adjustable grips allow different tablet sizes at all times.



Thanks to the open design (unlike most enclosures) connectivity like 4G/5G, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access with the tablet is not compromised.

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