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Tablet anti-theft

Electronic retailers are more eager to display their fully functioning products. This replaces the old fashion of using empty ‘carcass’ display models as clients demand to be able to navigate and experience the product before making a purchase.

On the other hand it is also a powerful marketing tool, as the devices can in effect ‘sell themselves’. This is especially true when it comes to tablets. This new innovation in electronic retail does raise concerns when it comes to security and theft prevention. When previously the empty shell was not an item which could be seen as a target from thieves and shop lifters, the new fully functioning devices are. How do you protect them? Tablet anti-theft systems have come into use to try and protect the valuable assets. Although with varying grades of success.

Previous anti-theft systems, do they work?

One such system, previously implemented utilises a cable with an anchor point attached to the tablet. Unfortunately the system has proven to be counterproductive, firstly as it can damage the tablet it is trying to protect, and secondly due to the rise of the cut-and-run epidemic thieves have adopted. The cut-and-run ‘technique’ is embarrassingly simple, in a split second a shoplifter or thief can detach the tablet and make their escape. However if it is a particularly weak system, it may even be pulled clean from the tablet with a strong tug.

The Gorilla grip has it all covered

As a result Gripzo have developed the innovative tablet anti-theft system, Gorilla grip. Instead of trying to fix an anchor point to the device, the Gorilla grip encases the device in an almost unbreakable bond. I say almost unbreakable because the tablet cannot be forced from the grip, thanks to its forged steel composition. However it can be released in just 3 seconds by a member of staff! This way the tablet does not lose any of the fantastic attributes and allows the customer to experience the tablet fully.

The Gorilla grip is the perfect tablet anti-theft and deterrence system.

Total lockdown & quick release

Total lockdown with quick release

Click here and watch gripzo's unique proposition. Devices can be removed within seconds by device owners.

One size fits all

One size fits all

Through adjustable grips on the security brackets devices of any dimensions will fit. Special XL grip sets for tablets larger than 10.2” and phones larger than 6”

Forged steel security

Forged steel security

The tablet is locked within durable steel grips providing robust theft protection. Release of a device is done with a security key, no electronics, sensors or cables needed!

Great ROI

Great ROI

Gripzo Gorilla grips support all devices! Adjustable grips allow different tablet sizes at all times.



Thanks to the open design (unlike most enclosures) connectivity like 4G/5G, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access with the tablet is not compromised.

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