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Universal tabletmount

Do you sell tablet or is your staff using tablet during work? Are you looking for security mounts to prevent theft? Consider to use Gripzo mounts within your organisation. 

Why Gripzo? One mounts fits all sizes through adjustable grips. 100% mechanical solution, no use of alarms or electronics. Lock and release function, with a key the secured devices can be released within seconds so the device stay mobile and are secured in the mount when necessary. 

Security of tablets against theft

The security fixtures of Gripzo are adjustable to different size tablets and made of forged steel. This makes the solution ultra-strong and can withstand severe theft attempts. Gripzo is proven worldwide and customers like Vodafone, MTN, Telstra, T-Mobile, Vodacom, Claro, Entel, Sprint, At&T can vouch for the product solutions of Gripzo.

Optimal user experience

As Gripzo is used worldwide we got a lot of feedback from satisfied customer. The main experience which is often heard is use of use of the mounts, without the lack of electronics and sensors the security mounts are a no-brainer to store staff. The quick lock and release is another big advantage for store staff as it helps them to provide a 100% product experience as well as removing the live handsets from display to the back office after store hours. 


The adjustability, open design and the fact  the Gripzo mounts are completely mechanical makes them suited for many applications such as use in retail stores, bars, restaurants, offices, airports, garages. Check our website for more examples on different applications. 

The universal tablet mount from Gripzo

Order no wand enjoy all advantages and zero theft. Want more information? Contact us now or read more here.

Total lockdown & quick release

Total lockdown with quick release

Click here and watch gripzo's unique proposition. Devices can be removed within seconds by device owners.

One size fits all

One size fits all

Through adjustable grips on the security brackets devices of any dimensions will fit. Special XL grip sets for tablets larger than 10.2” and phones larger than 6”

Forged steel security

Forged steel security

The tablet is locked within durable steel grips providing robust theft protection. Release of a device is done with a security key, no electronics, sensors or cables needed!

Great ROI

Great ROI

Gripzo Gorilla grips support all devices! Adjustable grips allow different tablet sizes at all times.



Thanks to the open design (unlike most enclosures) connectivity like 4G/5G, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access with the tablet is not compromised.

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